How to care for the product?

If you are reading this, it means that you want your jewelry to shine as long as possible.
It is very important to follow the following tips:

  • Remove jewelry before bathing.
  • Do not soak it in chlorinated or salty water.
  • Avoid contact with perfumes, hairspray, creams or lotions.
  • Avoid contact with detergents, e.g. when cleaning.
  • Once removed, store the jewelry in its original packaging or away from sunlight.
  • Remember that jewelry is put on at the very end
  • Remember that you don’t sleep in jewelry

How to care for artificial jewelry?

Avoid contact with water, all liquids and detergents. Remember that even the slightest moisture has a negative impact on artificial jewelry. Pay attention to the everyday cosmetics you use, such as hairspray, deodorants and perfumes. Because cosmetics contain alcohol, it can dissolve the protective coating on your jewelry, which may cause your jewelry to lose its shine or even wear off.

Remember to remove jewelry before going to bed, before bathing and during beauty treatments. Do the same during sports activities and housework. This will not only prevent abrasion and dirt, but also prevent accidental damage.

Storing our jewelry

It is good to have a place for jewelry so that its individual elements are not subject to mechanical damage. A good solution is a box with compartments where you can place individual products separately.
It is very rare that the individual properties of a person’s skin, independent of external factors, may cause a color change when in contact with jewelry.